Humvee Pushhh!

Humvee Pushhh!

75 degrees in February?! This weather makes for poor skiing but great Col. Cup events! On February 12, 2015 the MCCS Fitness Center put on another great Col. Cup challenge on the parade deck. Two shops came out and competed for the cumulative Col. Cup points, Facility Maintenance and Medical tested their might by creating a team of four to push a Humvee across the parade deck. The team who completed the push fastest earned the coveted points!

It was a close battle with Medical taking the win by less than one second. Our next challenge will take place in March, there have been whispers of indoor soccer so be on the look out!

Fac Maint time 33.03 secs 25 points for participating

Medical time 32.15 secs 25 points for participating and 25 points for winning=50 points.

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